Scuba Diving in Cuba

Trinidad, Once was not enough!


By Nicolas Lakoff

© Copyright 2010-2017

In February 2010 I had a chance to return to Cuba but this time I wouldn’t be alone.  A friend who was visiting me in Montreal had never been to Cuba and we decided on a whim to go on a trip together.  I had been so impressed with Trinidad that I suggested we go back there for a weeks stay.

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Trinidad, Cuba, UNESCO World Heritage Site


By Nicolas Lakoff

© Copyright 2009-2017

In November of 2009 I took an important decision that would have important repercussions on my life and my well being.  After 6 years of owning and operating my massage therapy company, I decided to walk away due to personal reasons.  After a few weeks digesting my decision, my mother offered to pay for me to get away for a week.

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Third Time’s The Charm, Return to Santa Lucia

By Nicolas Lakoff

© Copyright 2007-2017

After returning from Holguin my foot was still hurting and knowing there wasn’t anything to do for a broken bone in a foot, I still went for an x-ray to confirm what I suspected.  I had broken my fourth metatarsal in my left foot.  Nothing to do about it said the doctor but in time it would heal nicely.  Karen and I were in continual contact about our next diving destination.  I decided that I would be going back to Santa Lucia and she decided to see it my way this time.

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Holguin, La Costa Verde 2009


By Nicolas Lakoff

© Copyright 2007-2017

After my last trip to Cayo Coco, Karen and I stayed in touch by email, her being in Toronto and me being in Montreal.  She enjoyed diving with me so much that she started suggesting that we book a diving trip together.  Of course it didn’t take much to convince me to go for it.  She and I could only get away for a week so we started looking for a Cuban destination separately and see what we would come up with.

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Return to Cayo Coco


By Nicolas Lakoff

© Copyright 2007-2017

After 3 years since my last trip to Cayo Coco, I was very happy to go back to the Tryp Cayo Coco and see all my friends at the Coco Diving Center.  All the old gang was there including Paolo, Osvaldo, Noidel, Yaroy, Norgel and Colorado the boat Captain with one new addition, Pablo Jr., Pablo’s son.

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Jardines de la Reina, the Caribbeans largests marine protected area


By Nicolas Lakoff

© Copyright 2007-2017

On every dive trip that I have gone on in Cuba so far, every time I asked local dive instructors what the best place in Cuba was to dive, one name kept coming up.  They talked about this place as if it was magical, mystical almost unattainable.  I’m talking of course of the Jardines de la Reina, named by Christopher Columbus after the Queen of Spain, Isabella I, who funded all of his voyages to the New World.

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Santa Lucia, La Bahia de Nuevitas and Bull Sharks!


By Nicolas Lakoff

© Copyright 2007-2017

A few months after my trip to Playa Gìron, I was yearning to slip under the waves and dive again.  I decided to return to Santa Lucia but this time opted for the Brisas right on the other side of the dive center.  I asked my travel agent to request a room that was as close to the dive center as possible, saving me walking time in the morning.

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Playa Gìron, Cuba, The Bay of Pigs


By Nicolas Lakoff

© Copyright 2007-2017

Towards the end of 2006, I was feeling the effects of a crazy busy year with my business and started looking around for another place in Cuba to explore and dive.  I went to see my travel agent Martine and I gave a few ideas and a price range and I let her do some research for me.  She got back to me a few days later with a few options which included a place called Playa Gìron, in Matanzas province, Cuba.  Continue reading “Playa Gìron, Cuba, The Bay of Pigs”

Santa Lucia, Cuba, Sharks Friend Dive Center


By Nicolas Lakoff

© Copyright 2006-2017

In the spring of 2006 I was ready for another dive vacation.  At my travel agents suggestion I decided to wait after the spring break period for the prices to go down.  Sure enough, once the month of March was behind us, the prices started falling.  This time I was seduced by the promise of good diving and a great price for a two week stay in Santa Lucia on the North coast of Cuba.  A little more to the east of Cayo Coco, Santa Lucia is part of the Cuban administrative Province of Camagüey.  Continue reading “Santa Lucia, Cuba, Sharks Friend Dive Center”

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